From here, it will get interesting

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Chase finally talked me into doing all 50 states. We’ll see how long that goes, though I am kind of loving embroidery lately. I’m picking which to do next by drawing the name randomly, because here is the rub: I really am ignorant of my country’s geography. Given time, more often than not, I can think of about half of the states that exist.

So that’s where this project takes a turn. With Wyoming, California, Nevada and Oregon, these were states I knew, or knew of to a level where there could be little jokes. Every state has its biases, its whims, its stereotypical nonsense. And of course, ha, ha, I know barely even that. With any more states, we’re dealing with places that have the most nebulous existence in my mind.

What shape are the Carolinas? It’s like a koan*.

The driving point of this project from the first was that I like the idea of spending an excess of time creating something that is completely wrong. I find something beautiful in that.

Now shoo. You almost made me state a thesis idea there, you bastards.

* “generally containing aspects that are inaccessible to rational understanding, yet may be accessible to intuition.” [via]