Game Writing

The more I’ve learned about game writing the more it reminds me of my favourite parts of product copywriting. From creating flexible ideas that can be easily moulded around a finished product to knowing how to say the same thing dozens of times without repeating yourself, it’s the stuff I live for. Recently, I followed the Pixelles Writing Portfolio Program to guide putting together some coherent examples of what I can do. Both the character design sheet and the cinematic are built for a work-in-progress Twine game that is a fan work of Fallout: New Vegas.

Character Design Sheet

Lupe Vega: party member/possible ally. Contains outline of character behaviour, appearance and motivation, with a short table of barks.

Download character design sheet PDF


Download storyboard PDF

Download script-only PDF

Text Games

Scam Likely

This is a very brief game that replicates the forgettable moments, those interstitial blips in your day. There’s no winning and no losing, just different possible things to glimpse between now and a moment from now. It’s an interlude, waiting for you. The only problem is, someone is calling your phone – who does that now, anyway?

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