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I am in a group show.

Despite how I’ve been avoiding art (I just make shit, yo), I was way too tempted by the theme of this show for Sequential Art Gallery.

Ten Cent Tales

Pulp novel covers. Yes please.

I did way too much research on fonts and old British money and style conventions of the early to mid 1960s, then shot it all to hell by using a light coloured background, which is much more a mid-to-late 70’s trope. Whatever, there are stockings and a gun and some ladies and I found the perfect frame. Sneak peek of early progress scans here and here. The final thing is digital editing, painting, cleanup over the finished painting.

There is, as is normal, a First Thursday shindig from 6-10p. The gallery is open Saturdays 11a-5p, for those of you who do not do the First Thursday thing.

Chase has some work in a group show this month too, more info when I gets it.