How long is time

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The latest Perpetual Edge Case (a newsletter from the genius brain of R. Stevens) had, as usual, a couple good points.

I like Tumblr and Twitter and all, but you’ll pry my website from my cold, dead pizza cutter prosthesis. No corporate platform is going to keep your stuff up out of nostalgia. Host it yourself or go the way of Geocities.

And I felt bad for my little abandoned blog. And my other abandoned blog. And then I missed RSS. But fuck it, whatever, right? I’ve been posting into the void forever, time to get back at it. Let’s take baby steps.

When we last left our intrepid hero, they were about to go and take pictures for practically 24 hours straight. Sure, it ended up being more like 22, because at 30 you need a little sleep, but hey. There are two Flickr sets, one of the “real” photos and one of assorted bits and snapshots and Instagrams.

9317455949_95e589b1cbOn the roof of the 99W- Drive-In Theatre in Newberg, 1:07am

9316985775_2642f42c1fThe beach at Seaside, 11:16pm


It was a great experience and proved that both Chase and I are pretty much made for road projects. Although creatively light overall, 2013 was a good year at reminding me that I do take pictures and not just Instagrams. Though oh man do I take some Instagrams. No shame, though, because documenting with images is how I remember things and that’s how it has been forever.

mosaic79c01c28bbade0839980371c064e7fc5caf2b514What I did (see end for links to individual photos)


I got to experience and do and try a lot of stuff in 2013. It can be strange, living with someone with a clear artistic drive and goals, because I tend to just make things to make them. But I might be finding a common thread in all the junk I do and shoot, so that is good.

mosaica49c1362436b33777d53efd5babdfdeaebc1542aWhat I shot (see end for links to individual photos)

Anyway, time keeps on marching, even if I decide to sleep until 1:30p on my first “Saturday” of the new year (well, the first of the year was also on my weekend, but doesn’t count). This year might be good, guys. Let’s keep making shit happen.


What I did:
1. For the price of taking Chase to dinner once a month, I can go to the gym every dang day instead (but probs 3x a week).,
2. Prototype.,
3. Finally sorted out the best bits from the dishes of bones someone gave me like, six years ago.,
4. It’s nice to have a healed example next to the grumpy fresh ink.,
5. One more go of bleach and toner and now it’s figured out.,
6. Second literary agent rejection is a very sweet form letter. On to the next!,
7. Chase’s birthday cake. Yes, it took me all evening. Worth it. So worth it.,
8. Smell the Bar Oil, 9. Hydroelectric plant outside Buffalo,
10. Pieces finally coming together on this Maxx costume, now that we have the suit!,
11. Chase DID get me the skull off the bird corpse he found!!! #truluv,
12. Yeah, @chaseallgood uses his new fryer for @ loveforvengeance, @newlton and Mister.

What I shot:
1. Long exposure in yard 01/01/13,
2. Long exposure heat vent 01/19/13,
3. Ladybugs & pepper,
4. Landscapes: 3,
5. Apple cave, gold,
6. Fireworks in Forest Grove,
7. The beach at Seaside, 11:16pm,
8. Hillsboro Air Show: 2013,
9. Washington County Fair: Flower & Garden building,
10. Fields and fields,
11. Stormfront,
13. Bald Peak, 08/14/13,
14. Greens,
15. Persephone