I can’t even remember why I started, it is now innate

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I really don’t know how I could have handled the four hours round-trip of my commute this past year and a half without embroidering. Just reading would have probably broken me, it’s too much like an opium den on the train, you exit all glassy-eyed and brain full of what you were reading.

So, embroidery, woo. I’m doing little pictures of the handful of people that I see regularly on my route.

FM Headphones Guy White Gloves LadyBlazers Jacket Guy

I need to stretch/mount all the pieces I’ve finished, so I have a better idea of the square footage they take up. Part of me wants to fill a room with them, as they’re mostly little more than doodles, since my problem is cohesive thesis.

2 Thoughts to “I can’t even remember why I started, it is now innate”

  1. i love white gloves lady so much. 🙂

  2. She is an adorable human. Honestly though, every time I see her I wonder if her ankles are cold, because she just wears little anklets. Socks on the brain.

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