I will never have to buy craft supplies again

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I finally realised that I should turn on the part of my brain that helps me at work and put it to use cleaning our horror of a spare room. It was gross.

But I totally kicked ass cleaning my mess and sorting (yay!) all of my supplies and junk. It is beautiful now and your voice kind of echoes because it’s so empty.
So clean!

(click through to embiggen)

I learned not only important lessons about life, after-school special style, but I also learned that if one begins collecting mixed media supply and techniques at fourteen, one ends up with a lot of supplies at twenty-five. Click through the picture below to gawk at my crazy self. Forty-two Flickr notes, and a hell of a lot more boxes and containers and junk. And I do use all of it and this isn’t all of it, because some of those containers open up into little trays of ridiculous collections of lenses and moving parts and springs and God-knows-what. My favourite box is “Rocks and Army Men”, followed closely by the bag of hair.

Good God

So, I am a little overwhelmed about what direction I am going to art/craft in next (so many choices, shit), but I will be well-stocked, no matter what.