Illustration focus: hella fin, also November’s focus

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My internet has been laggy and so has my brain, so you’ll have to forgive the terrible delay of this post.

The illustration focus month did okay, I learned some things for sure and have some nice plans for later.  Funny enough, that first focus month tends to be what bogs down whatever else I’m doing, specifically The Audacity Gambit. I’m just polishing up the last bit of the second act, I cannot believe it.

On to November.  It’s a writing month for lots of folks, due to NaNoWriMo, but since I’m all writing anyhow I’ve got a more everyday life thing I need to do.  Or two things. They are boring things for you, the reader, but HA that is not how the internet works.

First, my sister is going to come live with us for a bit, starting in the middle of the month, so I’ve got to clean our upstairs space (which is where my craft room is) so she has somewhere legit to be.  It is turning out to be a much easier task than I expected, so that will get checked off right quick.

Second, my primary social network, Google Reader, has been totally Randle Patrick McMurphy’d and I’ve found I have to completely re-evaluate how I use the internet. I have to, in fact, go back to how I used it pre-RSS, back in 2004.

I mean, I technically don’t have to, as an RSS, GReader still seems to work.  But the sharing aspects and the conversations were quite nearly the point for me.  I was taking in LOADS of info that I wouldn’t have picked up elsewhere and that’s gone.

Anyway, I was trying to remember how I used to use the internet, and I thought of Websnark, for the first time in years and years. Pre-easy to use RSS, the best way to follow a bunch of webcomics was to do nested bookmark folders (see the “Safari tabs” entry here). Right now I’m sort of limping along, sometimes posting to Tumblr the things I find, generally not quite certain what all it was I was reading and knowing I’m missing things and refreshing the page of newsblogs too much. I’ll be going to when it is available, but I still need to sort my shit out.

I have a loathsome amount of bookmarks, most of which are just reference links.  And it’s just stupid at this point.  That’s what Delicious (or a million other things) is for. So this month, I sort upstairs for a new resident and I sort my browser for a new way of internetting. Changes!

2 Thoughts to “Illustration focus: hella fin, also November’s focus”

  1. mioche

    I still feel weird with GReader; it’s not as interesting without the intake of new reading stuff, and I’m not keeping up on it as much as I used to.

    P.S. Letter! I received one! And your picture of my cat is eerily accurate. You have no idea.

  2. I’ve just stopped visiting it after trying on November 1st and just wanting to share things right off, realising I couldn’t and then doing the digital version of chucking a book across the room.

    Yay! Letter! I love hearing about other people’s cats, even the villainous masterminds. I will admit, part of the joy is that it legitimises sitting around with headphones and listening to records.

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