Illustration focus, progress 1

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HA. Oh man, I cannot believe I finished an illustration already.  I do plan on scanning some of the stuff I’m using as reference/illustration, but you’ll just have to enjoy some process pictures and finished image until then.  All images link to Flickr where there are more shots and info.

Splash page for end of Morningstar.

First Chase helped me get a reference shot. I kind of hate using myself for reference shots because my frame is weirdly proportioned and I always have to draw on more weight. But my easy-to-see-skeleton was nice for this reference in this case.  I did a rough sketch over the digital image in Photoshop, with a little bit of shading and printed it out.  Then I used a lightbox to do the basic pencils and I dug in with some black acrylic paint.

Morningstar splash page wip1

Kept painting. Started cleaning up with white. Various pen happened too. Sharpie, felt tip, micron.

Morningstar splash page wip2

With the figure done, it’s time for the background.  Since I don’t trust myself I did it on a separate sheet, placed over the figure, on the lightbox.
Morningstar splash page wip4b

Looks okay so they both get scanned, cleaned up and composited. It didn’t take long.

I like it. Yay me. I especially like my tasteful way of hiding the bits between the legs. I am classy, is what.