Illustration focus, progress 2

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Woo, still going! All images link to Flickr where there are more shots and info.

This one was the title page illustration for Morningstar, if it were part of an old sf mag or a short story compilation.

I looked up a lot of pictures of hanging meats, making my search history even creepier than it normally is.  I made the basic sketch on some cheap-ass typing paper because that is how I roll.

Morningstar title page 2

And then the paint went on in the dry brush way that I am growing to love. I’m going to make myself use different approaches for each story’s set of illustrations, so I’ll have to revisit this technique later.

Morningstar title page 1

Morningstar title page 3

Morningstar title page 4

Then scan, clean up in Photoshop and pasting text in so we can play pretend like it’s a book.

Pretty dang happy with it.