Illustration focus: progress 3

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BAM, ‘nother one done.

This is the title page for Primp, which is set in a semi-Victorian world. So I wanted the illustrations to reflect Victorian paper cut work. Only I am a lazy thing and am not going to actually cut that paper.  But! The image is created in a way that it could be a whole piece of paper, without loose bits.

I drew half of the dressing table and used the lightbox to mirror it, filled in most of the blacks by hand then my big pen started to die so I filled in the larger spaces after I scanned the image and cleaned it up in Photoshop.

Primp title page 1

I like how this turned out. I enjoy pretending that I am different people illustrating different stories for a magazine.

The interior illustration for this story I want to do maybe as split half pages, which I haven’t seen much.