Illustration focus, progress 4

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Busy, shoulder issues and a bit of a cold have hung me up a bit, but I’ve got the last illustrations for Primp and one for In Search for the King to share!  Both let me play in InDesign and learn about wrapping text. And both laid out really well, Primp is a perfect three pages with both the header and spot illustrations and In Search turned out precisely one page.

Continuing the paper cut out style I wanted for Primp, I made two figures, referencing from my hilarious 1979 drawing reference books (the tan lines kill me). Man, I am loving my lightbox.

Primp spot illustration 2

Primp spot illustration 1

Then I dropped them into a double page spread.  I think the right-hand figure I’d flip if I were to lay it out again.

The illustration for In Search for the King is similar in style, but just because I wanted something simple.  My original intention was to do something with pointillism (that word applies for just using dots to shade, right?),  but I couldn’t get it how I wanted and just used heavy negative space instead.

There’s one or two more stories I’d like to do at least spot illustration for but I don’t know if I’ll run out of time.  Either way, I’m pretty happy with my output in this busy month.