It was a crazy weekend here

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So, because Chase is a fancy-pants, he had a press pass for Music Fest Northwest*. If you follow my Twitter or shared GReader, you’ve been inundated with links from his blog, but I’m going to round ‘em all up here for easy reference. There’s a joy of process when Chase shoots bands that is clear in the pictures. Shit, he even makes horrible bands look like Very Serious and Genuine musicians.

Thursday MFNW post: Eskimo and Sons with the Old Believers, Calvin Johnson and M Ward at the Crystal Ballroom. Iommi Stubbs at the Doug Fir. Deerhunter at the Holocene.
Friday preview: Monotonix at Satyricon (the first image is now my work desktop).
Friday MFNW post: John Vanderslice, Vampire Weekend at the Crystal Ballroom. Old Time Relijun and Monotonix at Satyricon. The Builders and the Butchers at Berbati’s Pan.
Saturday preview 1: Fucked Up at Satyricon
Saturday prevew 2: Sir Mix-a-Lot at the Fez Ballroom.
Saturday MFNW post: Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes and Menomena at the Crystal Ballroom. Fucked Up at Satyricon. Outtasite and Sir Mix-a-Lot at the Fez Ballroom.

I was a very bored lady all weekend (though I did go out and be social and it was fun, yay me), but damn am I glad he went. Fucking yeah. I was trying to figure out which was my favourite image from the whole weekend, from an editorial view anyhow, and although I like the clarity of this one, the following shot from Fucked Up at Satyricon is my personal winner.


*And in my totally biased opinion, did a better job getting shots, getting posts up quickly and all around everything better than the folks who were paid to do so.