It was somebody’s birthday today

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And isn’t he the cutest?

Flowers in his hair

We went to a gallery show, accidentally on First Thursday.  We went to this place that specialised in East Coast deli stuff, right down to the prices, but dude they have pastrami cheese fries.  And we went to Gen X and I resisted getting ridiculous clothes while he had a shirt made.

The man started his day by shooting a retirement party for Forest Grove’s postmaster.  It was at 8:30 in the morning and they had a taco bar.  A taco bar.  Then he went home and made himself strawberry shortcake.

What I am saying here is that he is great.

3 Thoughts to “It was somebody’s birthday today”

  1. Aww, he is so cute.

    I like his red beard. Nesko has a red beard too. They could totes be red beard buddies, eating tacos for breakfast.

  2. Yes, secret German ginger. How all that weird colour came out of a tow head I dunno.

  3. Nesko isn’t German though! IT IS A MYSTERY!

    We have a red headed baby, though. NUTTY.

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