It’s almost like I have a teaching background

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This will be a little incoherent because I just spent the last hour listening to ASMR while zonked the everloving fuck out, but in short: a friend introduced me to their friend, who wanted advice on web serialisation. They’d encountered The Audacity Gambit and were starting from a place of practically no background in web publishing and wanted advice. I was very flattered. The thing is, I really like explaining stuff.

So. A longish email got long enough I had to open a word document, then I was like “go for the gold, I guess” and just made it a PDF. And then all of you lovely people asked to see it and wow. So. I hope it is useful, though really (like all things in life) it boils down to this: make work, show others your work regularly, keep making work.

This is a link to the PDF