January focus: branding Ma-mé

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I totally knew what I was going to do for this month’s focus, then I had dim sum on new year’s day with friends and a new, fun challenge was presented.

I asked my lovely friend Trina why she hadn’t blogged in so long and the short answer was that she needed to re-brand her business and that was acting like a roadblock. When I found out what she needed and wanted I realised that I could totally do this for her. It’s been a bit since I’ve done a dedicated design project, but she just needed the most basic setup.

So I started emailing with her, got a brain dump of inspiration links and pictures from her and then wrote up a contract for us to sign. Yes! A contract. We’re friends, but a contract keeps us both from being bitches or flakes. And it’s what the Work Made For Hire blog would want you to do.  Here are the contract’s goals (it’s rather informally phrased):

  • Useable site with wordpress as backend, with links to and pages for: blog, news/calendar, shop (Etsy, at this time), about, Pintrest and Flickr. This site should be able to be updated and maintained in the basics by Patrina.
  • Logo, which will be the central look for the site, header for the blog and shop and used as a stamp or image elsewhere to represent the brand “ma-mé.” The logo will be designed and formatted into needed sizes, types and versions (for various print and web formats) by Brenna.
  • Business cards, both fancy and not. Fancy cards will be hand-stamped on handmade paper that Brenna will show Patrina how to make. Not fancy cards will be hand-stamped on nice decorative paper. Both Patrina and Brenna will work together making these using the branding images/logo designed by Brenna and the stamps Patrina has already on-hand.
  • Any associated textures, images and pictures necessary to create a cohesive look for “ma-mé.”

In the contract, ownership of the finished work is assigned, a price is named and permission is given for me to blog about the process. I’m pretty excited about it, Trina’s company’s look is a Japanese interpretation of French country, she has a definite look in mind and that’s so helpful in something like this. I’ve started figuring out the logo, which will be its own post, but here is a moodboard of Better Homes and Gardens images and crappy tablet snaps I took on a shopping walk today:

We’re going to try and get it done in a month, but since I want her to be set up well, it might take longer, though those final kind of fiddly things will go happily in the background as I do other focus months.  For the rest of the year I made up a list of things that I’ve been itching to work on—and really, if this year can top last year’s then I will be one step closer to super human.

3 Thoughts to “January focus: branding Ma-mé”

  1. mioche

    I am really looking forward to following this– sounds awesome.

  2. @Trina—Yeah, Pintrest boards! I so understand Pintrest, but my personal mood boards are all essentially words and reference links. Also excited! Stitching will happen tomorrow as will some more WordPress looking-up.

    @Mioche—It should be a fun challenge! I think just having a tablet has levelled up the way I work. I feel like a science fiction.

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