June focus: next book

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This month I got: 5, 6, 16 (by asking Chase this time, not Random.org)

  1. Animatic for The Audacity Gambit
  2. Sewing: clothes
  3. Ink comic from last February (Richard III)
  4. Nails
  5. Photography: make sets, pick direction
  6. Next book
  7. Library
  8. Garden
  9. Cooking
  10. Painting
  11. Fashion blogging
  12. The unfinished/begun monographs
  13. Final Space Goth chapter
  14. Chase and Brenna collabs
  15. Miniatures
  16. Get rid of old art
  17. Printmaking
  18. Papier mâché
  19. Old photos


I am going to admit that Chase bullied me into choosing to work on the next book (a sequel to The Audacity Gambit). I’m pretty much just outlining, I’ve got a lot of notes and weird bullet point stuff right now from a couple of months ago, and it’s time to craft that into the skeleton.

This will not be serialised online. Sorry folks. But I’ll share fun bits and things I’ve learned. Here’s a fun theme that is slated to lie in the shadows and inform things:

The turn away from the earth is prompted, [Zarathustra] says, by a dissatisfaction with life, a dissatisfaction that causes one to create another world in which those who made one unhappy in this life are tormented. The Übermensch is not driven into other worlds away from this one.

Wikipedia. Übernensch, This-Worldliness

Yes! I am that person. But hey, I am also obsessively looking at Eigen plots, Aarne-Thompson, I want the scrolls I put under the golem’s tongue to be right, y’know?

I’m tagging this as another month of writing, I’ll work up some small things to do when not frantically going through my Evernotes, wondering why the shit I didn’t write down a character’s name.