Killing time

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I haven’t done much finished stuff the past week or so, it’s been a very doodly-minded sort of time. Even the needlework in my hoop has turned out looking like a page from my sketchbook. Which is rad, but totally a symptom of space-brain.

Sharky wip1

I am learning to felt. Woo. This is very exciting. I love when friends de-stash. This will just leave weaving and spinning*, I think, as far as fiber arts go. Unless there is something awesome and cool I do not know about, which in that case I will add it to the life list of Shit Brenna is Gonna Learn.

* I technically have done hand-spinning before, but I was like eleven and that does not count because it turned out awful

2 Thoughts to “Killing time”

  1. trina

    yay brenna! 🙂 what will it be???

  2. I am so glad you kitty-approved the final result. Now it will go up to the test.

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