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Back in the game

Nails did 07/29/09


However I feel about any sort of thing where one does something daily in a group goal, NaArMaMo is a good excuse to maybe focus on what I am doing and making a bit while working in all that various media I know, because I seriously stagnate (ew) if I focus too long in a single one.  I personally call bullshit on “NOT NECESSARILY VERY GOOD ART. But a finished achievement of artistic endeavour.”  Because why the shit would I bother if that is the case.

So, we’ll see if life gets in the way, but the plan is this:

Saturdays: Embroidery/Fiber
Sundays: Assemblage-2D (also known as: collage)
Mondays: Photography, moving or still
Tuesdays: Sculpture
Wednesdays: Wearable
Thursdays: Assemblage-3D
Fridays: Painting/drawing

My “weekend” is Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you see I put the more time-consuming stuff there.  I’ll not be participating in the LJ community, but will be tagging things on Flickr with that horrible sounding “naanarmo“.

Also, dudes, I picked up the latest book of City of Roses and finished it before the train got me home—hoovering it up like a stockbroker in my birth year.  And damn do I love it.  I am tired of hearing that Nick and I are the only fans.  We are obvious because we are rabid. Let the man know you care.

4 Thoughts to “Made/Watched/Did/Nails—And.”

  1. Oh man. NAANARMO sounds pretty awesome but I just don’t think I have time ATM. Looking forward to seeing the results tho!

  2. I plan on using my captive four hours of commute a day to help me get things done. If you look at what some people produce, the size/amount/level of “doneness” is not that high. Some folks seem to approach it in a sketch & doodle kind of way (this is me thinking you could rock something like this hard).

  3. I’m really enjoying your nail art. I used to do that kind of stuff in high school (and I used to do, uh, “creative” stuff on my face/mouth with eyeliner and lipstick) but I can’t be bothered to spend the time to apply it and then clean it off later. So when I do do my nails, it looks like crap a day later when it starts chipping and it just goes downhill from there. Because I suck. Unlike you.

  4. Yeah, my schedule lets me do them about once a week. So I get my weekly TV time in and do a basecoat (that I shelled a whole three dollars for, which is shit tonnes when it comes to drugstore polish) and the top coat and the whole bit, which really only takes an hour. If I bother with both base and top, I don’t even get tipping until a couple of days in, and I work with my hands. And! The polish comes off easier with the basecoat. I dunno, science?

    My housewife book that represents the 70’s (Heloise, I think), talks about putting the manicure stuff in a central spot during the day and doing one nail at a time while going about the house, cleaning or whatever. I’ve done this and it actually works pretty well, because you get more drying time in than when you’re just sitting, doing it.

    And thank you. It’s just a matter of refining the process.

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