March focus: mending & old work

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This month I got: 6, 17, 2

  1. Animatic for The Audacity Gambit
  2. Sewing: mending
  3. Sewing: clothes
  4. Embroidery
  5. Ink comic from last February (Richard III)
  6. Nails
  7. Photography: make sets, pick direction
  8. Next book
  9. Library
  10. Garden
  11. Cooking
  12. Painting
  13. Fashion blogging
  14. The unfinished/begun monographs
  15. Final Space Goth chapter
  16. Chase and Brenna collabs
  17. Old work archive/organise (includes files on external drive)
  18. Miniatures
  19. Get rid of old art
  20. Printmaking


Yes, you would rather I do nails. Hell, I’d rather I do nails.  But I ballsed it up last time and don’t want that to happen again. And both mending and going through old personal work and journals needs to be done.  I have been carting around too much stuff that is a decade old and of no worth to me.

For a recent project I had to go through a bunch of journals from when I was 19 and I realised that I need to treat them like I did my sketchbooks—pulling out and rebinding the good stuff and recycling the rest.  Drawings and such that I don’t need also need to be given away or trashed. I don’t want to end up in situations friends have, trying to find homes for things last minute (speaking of which, if you’re in the Portland area, check out You Want This, there is some good shit there).

In a similar vein, I have baskets of clothes to be mended, or given away.  And a closet of clothes that I wear only half of (well, and then there is a third that is costume, but we don’t count that).

So, for March, I am seeing what works and should be kept and what doesn’t. Should be fun.

2 Thoughts to “March focus: mending & old work”

  1. I recently went through and winnowed out my old sketch books, some of them from grade school. A whole lot of crap went into recycling, and I have more empty sketch books than I thought I did. It was kind of freeing, especially the thought that I will never have to move that stuff ever again. I’m not rebinding anything, though. I’m not that dedicated to awesome.

  2. I went through all my sketchboks a couple of years back, but there was a big chunk in my late teens/early twenties that I wrote stuff instead and I haven’t gone through those. Oh so much bad poetry, what will I do with you?

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