Taking a cue from the fab Tom & Lorenzo, here’s a grid of the looks I’ve made during this whole ridic challenge:


Well, not really a lot of overall themes here.

There’s a lot of shoulder detail and plungy necklines that do not emphasize boobage, though there’s a lot of stuff up around the neck too, in forms of cowls and things.

I am not someone who is anti-hip widening, as far as design goes, so short, full skirts are prevalent and probs the dominating silhouette.  It seems to be either high waist or dropped waist and rarely at the real waistline.

I dunno, it’s neat to see it all together and emphasises how motley it is.  I’m working on my “collection”, which is a bunch of illustrations, and ideally will have half of the ten ready to go up today or tomorrow.  And “motley” is def a keyword for it.  But like, cohesive motley.

There’s always some last minute piece they have to make, and I may not abide by that, we’ll see after tonight’s episode.