Miami Vice always works

Miami Vice always works

HA! We are halfway through season one so you’re all getting a mid-season treat instead of another recap. Also, I’m a little panicked as where I’ve been capping the episodes has slapped an “expiring” tag on all their Miami Vice, but don’t say when it’s expiring, so I don’t know how long I got of the easy way to do this. Luckily I do own the entire show’s run on DVD, it’s just gonna be more of a hassle.


Anyway, Miami Vice is such an amazingly visual show. One of the thoughts in comics is that if you shouldn’t be able to tell the same story without the images. The words and what you’re seeing are partners. And that is very what Miami Vice is. I mean, it’s a show with multiple-minute long sequences with no sound but a pop song. If you’re not watching it, you’re missing half the story. I honestly don’t know of a modern show shot like it.

Because I love exercises, I combed through the screencaps from the first half of season one and slotted them into the format of Wally Wood’s ‘Panels That Always Work‘ as a mid-season treat. Like, I think every shot is a painting, but these are particularly visual. You can click on the image below or right here to view the image directly.

I am the most proud and the most embarassed about this


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