Miami Vice-o-ween

Miami Vice Halloween

I’ve been super lax this week and owe you a post, so how about a Happy Miami Vice Halloween!

Though honestly, due to the era it was from and the seriousness (in a way) it presented itself, Miami Vice never had a “Halloween” episode over it’s five seasons. No real holiday episodes at all, honestly. If you go searching the Miami Vice wiki for mention of masks and costumes, because it’s always possible that in your multiple viewings of the show you somehow missed a Halloween episode, all you find are mentions of masks worn during robberies. Though! There is one notable exception. In Calderone’s Return (Part 2), our dudes attend the Junkaroo Festival. Although in some places it’s a Boxing Day/Christmas week holiday, in Miami it’s an October holiday. And the Miami Vice episode featuring the festival aired on October 26, 1984, so it’s an appropriate costume moment to share today.

There’s lots of great mask and costume moments in the episode, you can check them all out in the post for episode five, but the best is this Bahamas No-Face. Though the Solo cups in Not-Red are also what makes this a blessed image.

Bahamas No-Face

The party scene is definitely one that benefits from watching, since there are so many extras in awesome costumes just wandering by in the background. If you don’t feel like sitting through a full hour-ish episode (which you can do, it’s free), please enjoy the amazing handful of outfits in this pan I edited together from a couple shots. I love all of them. Not more than Bahamas No-Face, though, even though big ol’ blue face in the middle there is a close second. Click to enlarge this image, though if it’s misbehaving click here.

I love all of them

Have a beautiful and memorable evening. I know I will, when I’m not thinking about making or drawing all of these costumes.