OMiG, I made a salad

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And I am not a big veggie person, so this is something. It was shredded carrot and red cabbage salad, an attempt to get the same nommishness as some of the starter salad at a local mid-east place.


I photo-documented it, in case I did okay, since I was winging it and my memory is crap.

A large dollop (1/2 or 1/3 cup?) mayo, a dime’s worth of garlic paste and a heavy tablespoon or two of balsamic vinegar.  I could leave the garlic out next time and be okay, I think, it’s just that adding garlic to food is an automatic thing. I later added a small pinch of brown sugar and a heavy pinch of salt (could do more, but I am always light on salt). It will not look like enough, but everybody is only going to be lightly coated.

Next time I am also going to use yoghurt instead of mayo—it worked fine this way, but it’s kinda the trashy way to do it.

I shredded like two carrots (one really fine and one middling, for texture variation) and finely chopped like a quarter head of cabbage.

Then you mix those two things together. It paired nicely with overly salty mashed potatoes (whoops) and pan fried shredded beef (or was it buffalo?).