OTP Valentines

A hand holds a small square of paper with a drawing of a weird looking ourobors on it, the words "did you let me die in your arms in the time loop" in the centre. In the background are a pair of scissors and the sheet the square was cut from.

I shared these first on Tumblr primarily because that’s where they’re from, energy-wise (also because I meant to here but forgot), but I’ve finished my Tumblr OTP Valentines and have dropped a nice PDF of them onto Itch.io (fully free!). 

This was a fun project that was a nice chance to practise laying out text, which I’m not grand at. And I find a lot of joy in making little printable things, so I should figure out how to do that more.

A version of this post was initially published in public Patreon and Comradery posts on February 6, 2023.