Patreon updates and previews!

The Consoling Divide cover snippet

Even though I feel like I talk about it all the time, you might not know I have a Patreon. It’s kind of a great fit for me, I love sharing production and process info, but it’s not always things that should or can be shared widely. Right now I’ve just got one level and for a dollar a month you get access to all sorts of bullshit, like print-size files of things, previews of work in progress, etc.

I also just added something for Patrons that I waffled about for way too long: I’m now sharing early draft chapters of my next book, The Consoling Divide. I’ve had the luck to read early finished drafts of books before and I personally (surprise) love seeing the differences between the almost-there version and the final one. So, sharing these chapters is a way to share that process AND to make me hit some deadlines. I really loved writing The Audacity Gambit, but I also took about a million years to do it. I don’t want to treat its sequel that way.

I don’t think you need to have read the first book to get into the second one, you just have to like stories about magic and folks managing the shittiness of adulthood. You know, regular stuff.

So this isn’t just a commercial for “please go support me on Patreon and get excited about my next book with me” here’s the Spotify playlist I keep throwing things into for The Consoling Divide. I think it conveys the tone pretty well. Right now I listen to it via shuffle, because arranging songs within a playlist is the hardest part.

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