Finally fulfilling a whim

Screenshot of a Cable Rom-Com Generator. The headline and link to generate more are in pink, with the generated text in white. This instance reads "Former jester Grannd nervously agrees to help eir friend and tough-guy Ivan for a flower show only to find there is a lot more to her than ey thought."

I’ve wanted to make a simple generator based on common Hallmark loglines for a while. It was this particular summary that inspired me, the pairing of jobs is just: amazing.

Screenshot of a movie description on the Hallmark Channel site. The description reads: Busy chocolatier Charlotte has left helicopter mechanic James at the altar two times, and now she needs to prove to him that she really does want to marry him. Starring Jen Lilley and Marcus Rosner.

It was also a great way to learn Perchance, which is super simple and intuitive to use and really fun to play with, with a big energy of sharing what is made (you can click “edit” on any generator to see how it is built and it’s a modify and share alike kind of system).

I made myself limit this learning experiment, so I used just a lightly modified already existing template and am actively not thinking about some of the things I just don’t know how to fix yet like some pluralisation issues around some pronouns.

That said I did put together:

  • five possible longline formats
  • 30 possible names for each protagonist
  • five possible pronouns for each protagonist
  • 65 possible professions with matching products and events

Here is the Cable Rom-Com Generator, have fun! 

And here are a couple more I’ve found that do a nice job of keeping the spirit and style of this type of film description.

Your Made For TV Holiday Movie: super simple, the kind of short logline you’d see in TV Guide.

Your Hallmark Movie Storyboard: Just as het as Hallmark is, but the structure of the description is solid and I like how they build the generator.

A version of this post was initially published in public Patreon and Comradery posts on August 09, 2022.