Please share my joy

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So, I’m sure you’re fully aware of the fantastic photography skills of my partner and main man, Chase. Mostly because I link at him all the time. And I am going to do so again. Because guys, guys!

He finally put together a portfolio site.

And it’s pretty boss, and (as I called it) “A real Grown Up Site”, with clear thesis and everything. I am so stupid in love with him, but seriously, the two projects he has up right now (and more to come!) are solid. And years in the making. I watch him take pictures every day and only get glances at a tiny slice of the actual volume of work he does. There is so much thought and effort involved here—at one point, our living room floor was covered in 4×6 prints that were slowly sorted over several days into possible projects. Anyway, you need to go take a look, I think. Of the two projects currently up, I think Friendly Way is my favourite. And not just for the starting photo:

Friendly Way, Chase Allgood

Also, I made the unicorn logo for him. I sort of love it.

Why this man has not found a job in the city (so we can move there), I don’t know.

2 Thoughts to “Please share my joy”

  1. styx

    it is time that thou must immerse thine self into that which is WATCHMEN!!!

    thy soul will be inlighten’d with happy coolnesses!

    Rorschach be with thee…..
    …and also unto thee


  2. Hee. I read it and loved it and need to read it again and thank you about um, one million, for lending it.

    Rock on.

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