PRPA Week 3: Plotting/Pattern (and draping)

After a bit of fiddling and staring into space I realised I was going to have to drape to figure out the pattern for Chase’s design.  Total woe.  So let me first throw down my plot for the low brow piece.

I went with the wrap dress from my sketches, as it fits better with the fabrics I have at and and I’m thinking it’s a better derivative of the high-end design.  The sash for the waist is going to go around once before tying, for security and waist emphasis.

I looked around for a tree stand to put my dummy in, but it’s the wrong damn season.  Nonetheless, I rigged it (jamming it into the corner of a box of heavy things with my slippers, okay?) and draped out the pattern for Chase’s design. And yes, there will be some sort of undergarment.

Week 3: Jury rigged draping, front Week 3: Jury rigged draping, side
Week 3: Jury rigged draping, back
(all link to Flickr images, where you can view larger)

As this is a two day challenge I’m figuring a 20-hour time limit?  The designers got one day with the high end and one day with both pieces, so my approach of working on both simultaneously isn’t too far off.

Total time—0:50
Time left—19:10