2 Thoughts to “PRPA/Nails/Wrote”

  1. I like the skirt a lot.

    Also, I’ve started painting my nails again recently, because I keep seeing your posts and thinking about how boring/dull/tedious my life is. They’re currently “Khakizing,” which is an irridescent purple/green I picked up in the 90s. Just previously, they were “blazing blue,” which is a dries instantly sally hanson dark blue sparkly color and I love it. My favorite recent luxury buy.

  2. Nail polish is the best luxury buy, because it takes so long to go through a bottle and it’s two to five dollars that makes you feel hella fancy.

    That crazy yellow I have is the Insta Dri stuff too (triangle bottle, huge brush?) and I caution you during the summer, it dries waaay too fast. It was driving me crazy.

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