Release Date for The Audacity Gambit!

Close up detail of an arbour on fire, from the cover of The Audacity Gambit

So, I’d sat and carefully scheduled out when everything around promoting The Audacity Gambit was going to happen, making sure I’d have lots of time to go over and review copy edits, the layout, the cover, release, etc. And then I just sort of powered through it and whoops. It was done? What’s particularly annoying is I have a couple posts coming up that are about aspects of making the cover, because I didn’t realise the components would fall in place perfectly. So here’s the cover reveal, tune in next week for bits of how it was made:

I wish ebooks had wrap covers
Obviously, this is the cover for the physical version, because ebooks don’t get wrap covers.

That means, well before the planned announcement date, The Audacity Gambit is available for pre-order at the following platforms, with a release date of Wednesday, April 26.:

Amazon | Amazon UK | Nook | Kobo

Other platforms will be available soon, thanks to Draft2Digital. Physical books could happen, on a print-on-demand situation, but probably not. I am planning on getting a handful, however, for gifts and a giveaway. Yes, a giveway! That’ll be fun. Unless the POD books I get are utter trash, then it’ll be an annoying slog, but I have hope.

Among all this, I’ve also got a playlist (a “feels playlist”) that I’m pretty proud of. Playlists are hard for me to make and end up being a bunch of songs that you listen to on random, but this one has an order and everything. Here’s a link to it over on Spotify. I tried to embed it but it didn’t work. Rude.

Anyway, this means right now I’ve got to go through my carefully planned posts and add a little link and FYI to the start of each one pointing to this post, being like “Its done, I got too excited, you can pre-order now.”

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