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Okay, kinda basing off of something Jenn wrote a bit back, here are the places my ‘web presence’ touches down and what/why:

Twitter: Ceaseless Babble—I have the crappiest crap memory and I like observing things. I was keeping a little file on my mobile of stuff, but this way I can inflict it on others. I’ve also found it a nice way to keep in contact with folks, sometimes glancing against one another over a moment is the coolest thing.

Tumblr: From the Observatory—There are things I think sometimes that are too long for Twitter and not worth a ‘blog’. It lets me hyperlink like a nut and be more scatterbrained on subject matter.

Flickr: Photos and Pictures—I was, a long time ago that is getting close to a decade, a photographer. I was going to be a photojournalist, was on a track to intern with the Oregonian in college, etc. Other interests popped up and photography faded out. Now I live with a professional photographer and the itch to document visually is back. I really like to catalogue things visually. I like to look at stuff. You do not want to go on car rides with me. I am always excitedly pointing at things and making Chase think a rhino is about to ram us or something.

Journal/Blog: Something or Other—Pure self-interest, either what I’ve found or made or am doing. Y’know, what blogs are. And now I’ve got a fancy WordPress one that is all fancy. And it dumps into LJ, which is nice, because there are some nice things to Livejournal.

GoodReads: I am an Addict—You know how I know I have a problem? Sometimes I won’t do things that need doing because I would prefer to read. When I had people to hang out with, sometimes all that would be on my mind was my next fix. I am a special nerd-kind of sad that reads an obscene number of books a month. Disco, Metal and God knows what—A hilarious percentage of my contacts on have such dissimilar music tastes to me that I swear the bar goes into the negative. You can go and observe how I really only listen to about ten albums, over and over and over again.

Google Reader Shared: Newswire
—I read moderately disparate stuff and am attracted to terrible or shiny things. GReader is also a source of a few ongoing in-jokes, which shows how ridiculously insular the group of us sharing together are. The same item will get shared multiple times between several people, as we back and forth make a comment.

Etsy—(Please) Buy the shit that I make and get it out of my house. I am going to drown in it.