Sewing for the home: fin

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So, I did not miraculously turn our apartment into a perfect, finished home in one month. I AM NOT MAGIC. All I have been told are lies.

However, it is pretty much at a point where people I know and love can come over and I know they aren’t judging me. I am not where I could host, like, craft night or something yet because I was raised a certain way. And that way means that a house with a pile of unshelved books and not enough hangers for the coats so a bunch are still in a box or whatever is something that you should be ashamed of. Ongoing house goal is to get it where I can have a birthday party. The Ikea trip for a million bookshelves will happen by then.

Living Room in Progress

But! I sewed the things I bought the fabric for!! Which is awesome. I did not meet some of my secondary sewing goals, but one of the whole points of this damned focus month exercise is to remind myself that I am not a machine. Just because I have more time in my day from not commuting does not mean every minute must be spent doing. I just sat and watched a show yesterday afternoon. On my day off! I wasn’t even like, sewing buttons at the same time.

ANYWAY. The house. The first room done was the bathroom, because a lot of time is spent in there and you are a captive audience for all the little things that are yet undone. (all these pictures click through to Flickr, where there are notes and more commentary and more images).

The new bathroom, it is blue

Then I sewed and installed the curtains. Which? Made all the difference in the living room. I like my curtains. They are sexy. Do not mock me.

Touches of frill

The kitchen is what I focused on next, since I realised the living room still had a ways to go. I like our kitchen a lot. I’ve been cooking in there like a person in a movie. Being in the kitchen does not fill me with hatred because there is no space!

It's not so overwhelmingly green when you're in it

So, things I didn’t get to, and will be poking at as I go over the next month:

  • Linen napkins, but not my fault, they were out of the fabric I ordered!
  • Reupholstering chairs, for both time reasons and because I keep losing my hammer.
  • Drapery over the bed, because we will have a princess bed, dammit, but I’m waffling over approach.
  • A holder thing for arm warmers. I have a lot of arm warmers.


So, really, I did good! I’ll post tomorrow with April’s focus. So excited.


3 Thoughts to “Sewing for the home: fin”

  1. I love your colors!

    We still need curtains, but I want to get floor length drapes over floor length sheers, and I’m thinking I might just hold off on that for a decade or so because we have a toddler, would like to have another baby, and have friends with babies/toddlers. And although Niko is getting past the “PULL ON THINGS! PULL ON THEM! PULLLLLLLL!” stage, we’re going to have kids that stage in our lives for awhile now.

  2. We had full length at the last place and I’m not a fan just because they make shorter rooms look shorter and stuff hides behind them in the winter. You need like, curtains with tucks, so when babies are not pulling you can let them out, like clothes.

  3. Oooh, tucks are a good idea.

    We have nice tall ceilings, and I’ve seen other apartments like ours have floor length drapes and it looks awesome. We have a lot of window, and our windows are tall.

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