Some Development

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An easy start for this focus month, apparently I’d processed these all the way to web sizing them and then never uploaded. All images link to their Flickr page, where you can view them larger.

The image on the left is 2007, image on the right is 2010. Looking at three years of development (and lack thereof) in two planned communities in Forest Grove.

I’ve always been fascinated by this area, I wish I’d tagged my photos better so I could link to the lot of them.

Some Development: 1

Some Development: 2

Some Development: 3

Some Development: 4

Some Development: 5

Some Development: 6

2 Thoughts to “Some Development”

  1. these are fascinating!

    I grew up in a kind of rural area, and lately there’s been a development boom (which has since lagged). For awhile, every time I went to visit my parents there was something new, which threw me. Now it’s just the same old unreality. There’s a Kohl’s there now, where before it was just corn or soybeans.

  2. Neither of these two areas (which face each other across the street) have been selling that well over the past four or five years. One of them sold a giant plot of lots to the Mormon Church (or whatever it is called now), where they’ll be building a big center. The other place has huge stretches of grass around the children’s park and play structure, which is supposed to be kind of nestled in houses.

    It’s interesting to think of what the changes between the images would have been if these places had sold lots as fast as they’d thought they would.

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