Some Recent Work

I am, honestly, spending most of my spare time on Tumblr and Discord, in happy little nerd groups. Most of my process blogging happens at Patreon and Comradery in supporter-locked posts. I’m trying to figure out more and better automatic crossposting because I am tired and old and do not have the energy to crosspost and boost manually (and all of this is for fun, for me, I don’t have expectations from what I create and haven’t for well over a decade). So, here are some things I have done of note that have been probably overlooked here on my actual blog:


You can find collections ($1+) and short stories (free) on my Itchio (and also see what else there is in the Writing section here. I’m going to use Itchio’s nice little embeds to make it easier:

I’ve also been back to poking at game writing, because I will always be thinking about dialogue trees, you can see more about that in the Game Writing section here but please do check out this brief moment of in-between, a text game playable in browser.

I also continue to post on Archive of Our Own, in strange corners of fandom that fit me perfectly, like this short bit on the grief of a seagull.

Not Writing

I made a cosplay of The Nowhere King from Centaurworld, which was very fun and satisfying and has joined my Harrow cosplay from the year before of “fake bones now hanging on my wall.”

Centaurworld: The Nowhere King

I built a Picrew for eye monsters, to see what went into making a Picrew (answer: a lot of repetition and fiddling).

A picrew of an eye monster, which is the non-copyright word for a beholder. A round, green rocky-bumpy monster with one big pink eye in the middle and a bunch of brown wormy tentacles that end in eyes branching up from the top of its head. Its mouth is open and full of needle teeth. Despite all of this, it has a cute energy and has bright green blush marks.

I’ve also drawn a bit, but nothing too wildly of note, though I do update my Illustration section with favourites. I am still on Flickr but mostly as a place for me to store photos I want to find again, and as a sort of backup for my other two backups. I play D&D, and look at the lizards doing pushups on our shared patio area, and have far too many books on library hold. And I do just still keep making things.