Storage (a core sample)

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Ten years ago I packed my 18 year old life into boxes as I moved from home.
I’d never moved before and thought I’d be coming back.
I didn’t.

Time capsule typology, sample 2

I took a couple of boxes worth of stuff from the 5’x5′ storage unit everything ended up in and documented them. I only kept a few things and the rest (along with the stuff I didn’t take) went to friends or free boxes. It was weird, going through things that I hadn’t seen or thought of in a decade, that had been so precious to me at one point in time.

Time capsule typology, sample 1

One of my goals for this focus month was finishing several photo projects, including this one. I had a bunch of shots, and proofs of them, but needed to collect them in a book. Thanks to MagCloud I was able to compile them into an awesome magazine-style book that is now totally available for sale.

Storage (a core sample)
8.25″ × 10.75″ 48 pages, Saddle-stitched

$12 for the hard copy & digital copy together
$1 for the digital copy only

Video of a quick flip through here.