“Studio” is being overly polite

I believe I was only a couple of years into college when I realised that I had to have a sewing machine. I’d grown up with a monstrous Singer and cupboards overflowing with prints whose scarcity I wouldn’t appreciate until years later. My little machine, scored for under a hundred dollars at a super-department store, can’t do all the rad things that the Singer did, but it straight stitches, zig zags and does blind hem, which is really all I need.

Sewing corner
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I insisted, when we moved to this apartment, that there be a dedicated spot to the sewing machine. If it’s always out, then it gets used. I’ve got it on an old office desk that gives me plenty of space to work on big things. I did all our curtains, even the shower curtain, right here. I think the one thing I’d like different is a thread organiser. I keep putting off making one.

By full admission I am a total packrat. I’ve been collecting supplies for various crafts and processes for over a decade. Since people know that’s how I am, I get full benefit when they de-stash. Below is a picture taken at out old place (where I had a whole room for my workspace, click through to Flickr for copious notes). The same stuff is now scattered through a one bedroom apartment that luckily has two great built-in storage closets.

Good God

It’s crowded, but organised. I can find anything I need, from the 4×5 camera bits, to the cabbage rose printed lamé, to the acrylic casting gear, easy as pie. Two things further reassure me:

1. Most of it was gifted, thrifted or snagged on sale.
2. I use this stuff all the time.

And, to make me feel even better, I haven’t bought raw supplies, beyond a yard of fabric here or there, in a long time. With all that I have on hand, I don’t need to. It’s partially with an eye to using some of it up that I’m doing this project.

I did, however, buy myself a fancy holiday present, a hand powered knitting machine.

Knitting corner

I have to use up all my yarn somehow!

Next week I’ll show off a couple of my favourite pieces, both altered and made from scratch, so you can get an idea of where I’m coming from, idea-wise.