Stumptown 2009

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Today I was gently harassed about maybe doing comics again. Dunno about that still. What I do know is that it is the awesomest thing in the world not to table. JOYS OF FREEDOM. All I had to worry about was takin’ some pictures and socialising.

Award: Outstanding Small Press?


I snagged goodies from:

  • Ben (some minis I didn’t have yet)
  • Spike (book three of Templar, AZ)
  • Dylan (a print, somehow I didn’t have any Dylan art on our walls yet)
  • Erika (collected DAR!)
  • Kip (City of Roses teaser)
  • Leslie (a purple Beastlie that Chase has decided looks like Forest Whittaker, so is now named “Forest”)
  • BT/Robopocalypse (an embellished baseball card and a print)
  • John (collected Painkillers)

Then I spent most of Sunday hanging out with Neal and Roxxy and the weather was beautiful. All around a totally boss weekend.