It’s like painting, sculpting and sewing all together

Man, I am loving me some embroidery lately. Freehand unplanned! I don’t know if I could ever work from a pattern. This, ideally, will be a wicked sick metal piece when I’m done. It’s a griffin! And it’s totally a mage or a wizzard or something. I’ve got to deck out his staff. Within each wedge of aura or whatever are gonna be like, demons and shit.

What a day

First off, I guess somehow it is Saturday (how that happened, I don’t know), and so Slow Build has updated. Racing, in which we meet a new person. More importantly. This was my bus stop this morning. It is not much, but it has been there a while and is getting really weird and compacted: But Forest Grove is always grosser, weather-wise, than Portland. However, the snow remained persistent and steady all damn day. My fantastic employer encouraged me to leave early, because I live out in the suburbs and…