I’ve up and redesigned my portfolio site. It’s in a style that I like, but other people might hate. Eh. My business cards are now obsolete, but really the stylings I had before are, like, a precursor to the style there now, y’know—art historically (faintly, I’m sure, but I don’t mind). Anyway, if you see something broken or stupid, let me know. Below is a screenshot of the opening page. I likes it. There’s more tinkering to be done (the “Shop” button does nothing), but pretty much there it is.

What I did with my evening

If you don’t get it right off, it actually probably reflects positively on you. (above shot by Chase) Had I guessed that other people cared about the Joker’s socks in Dark Knight, I would have done some Google before mapping out the pattern myself.  I am wickedly proud that it’s tileable though, and (I think) each colour is represented an even number of times.  I am a nerd.