Some Development

An easy start for this focus month, apparently I’d processed these all the way to web sizing them and then never uploaded. All images link to their Flickr page, where you can view them larger. The image on the left is 2007, image on the right is 2010. Looking at three years of development (and lack thereof) in two planned communities in Forest Grove. I’ve always been fascinated by this area, I wish I’d tagged my photos better so I could link to the lot of them.

Focus month: Photography

Okay, new month, new focus. You may know that my partner is a photojournalist (and has been the photo department of the weekly he works at for almost six and half years), but you might not know that I very nearly went to school to do the same thing. I was super active in the newspaper in high school, we had a 12-16 page weekly (with spot colour!) and I was one of the two photographers. I job shadowed with the Oregonian, who dropped me like a hot stone when…