Month of Writing: Finished

So. The grand experiment seems to be working. For the month of January I focused on writing, with a few specific goals, allowing myself to not worry about not doing All The Things (and therefore not getting distracted). Because of my stunning lack of real self-confidence I didn’t share my goals for the month beforehand, but here’s what I accomplished this month: Posted four short stories that had been sitting gathering dust. Re-read (after the perfect amount of away time) and edited those stories. In Search for the King It’s…

And so we pause

Slow Build updated yesterday, Yes. With it we reach the end of the third bit. There’ll be a break for an undetermined period of time, while I figure out how I’m continuing. There are a couple options branching before me and I need to noodle with which to take before subjecting you all to it. To those who’ve so far followed, thanks.