Now I have seen Seattle

Sunday we went up to Seattle and it was super fun, but totally wiped me out (although in that positive way where you feel like you accomplished something). So it took me a couple of days to realise I should be all, there are pictures! If you want to see! Now back to moving.  Hopefully I will not be distracted by the library sale again today.  It sort of defeats the purpose of packing all my books when I go and get more.

Wayfaring Socks

Life has been kind of busy, but it’s all been awesome.  Like what I’m doing this weekend: Really, I cannot see how my first trip to Seattle could be any less fantastically boss.  Sock Dreams is going to be vending at Wayfarers of Gypsy Mansion, headlined by HUMANWINE. We’ve been working up our product list for what we’re bringing and there’ll be an item (or two, fingers crossed!) debuting there.  It is so fun picking out items around a theme, lots of texture, patterns and pretties will be at our…

There was other cool stuff going on too, but I’ve Wolverine teeth!!

To celebrate going to the dentist at 8am this morning and then scheduling my next cleaning ahead of time, like a grown-up, I made myself a petticoat/tutu. Then I dressed up and took pictures to celebrate the cavities detected two years ago spontaneously healing themselves. Also, I wanted to. Socks are the new Fast Lanes, only I put them on with a twist (oooh, multiple level use of that word, lookit me go). Tights are "Cabbage Patch" EG Smith Space Dyes.

Possibly the best year ever

As of today, I’ve been at Sock Dreams for a year. I not only work with people I adore, but I work for people I respect and absolutely admire. I’ve never worked this long* in anything outside of food service. I had no idea that jobs actually existed where you’re treated like a person, where you’re encouraged to do well, where things are fun and challenging. It’s been an awesome year. I’ve learned a bunch. Including that, given the right kind of item, I will wear animal print. *(discounting several…