Why the hell not, indeed

So. I’ve said this before, but you know how I write sometimes? And how I am a little super fascinated with City of Roses? Well, like—I figured “why the hell not” and every Saturday (starting next week, on November 1*) you can read a chunk of this thing I am writing, with sometimes pictures in-between. I am blindly enamoured of the written serial and work best in short bits, so I guess it makes sense. I’ve got enough in the can to last into January, and I think I can…

By the way

I’d gone and forgotten about webcomics. It’s been over a year since I finished Space Goth*, which is still in the WCN top 100, a thing I find bizarre. I’d put webcomics out of my mind enough by this time last year that when a co-worker realised that was where he’d heard my name before, I was surprised. I was even more surprised when I realised last week that it’d been well over a year since I uploaded the last page with barely contained relief. I still sometimes think in…


Okay, kinda basing off of something Jenn wrote a bit back, here are the places my ‘web presence’ touches down and what/why: Social/Logging: Twitter: Ceaseless Babble—I have the crappiest crap memory and I like observing things. I was keeping a little file on my mobile of stuff, but this way I can inflict it on others. I’ve also found it a nice way to keep in contact with folks, sometimes glancing against one another over a moment is the coolest thing. Tumblr: From the Observatory—There are things I think sometimes…


I’ve up and redesigned my portfolio site. It’s in a style that I like, but other people might hate. Eh. My business cards are now obsolete, but really the stylings I had before are, like, a precursor to the style there now, y’know—art historically (faintly, I’m sure, but I don’t mind). Anyway, if you see something broken or stupid, let me know. Below is a screenshot of the opening page. I likes it. There’s more tinkering to be done (the “Shop” button does nothing), but pretty much there it is.

They only bothered because the Portland Metro Area is mostly suburbs

For some reason, there is now “Street View” of the Forest Grove/Cornelius area on Google maps.  Below is a view of our “Downtown”.  It is a block square, pretty much.  If you look behind you, you may find one of our three (or four) bars and a lotto place. We also have two wine shops where people with these mythical things called “A Living Wage” go to booze it up. View Larger Map