Last Year’s Flash Fiction: An Appointment With Old Enemies

Of course, you’ll fall for your nemesis. If there was a handbook that would be the third chapter after “An Introduction to Healthy Obsession” and “Branding: The Balance Between Recognisability and Rigidity.” It doesn’t matter what side you’re on or if you are some flavour of grey that rejects sides, if you have a nemesis, you will fall for them.

Flash Fiction – New, Old

In February 2021, Storytelling Collective had a flash fiction prompt month and of course, I didn’t hit every day (or really get close) but I did end up with some favourites I want out in the world, even in their unedited form. Old Was thinking about this post from Annalee Newitz. “What’s the phrase—‘old as balls?’” Elora squinted at the artefact, bringing it up so close it nearly touched her nose. “How old are balls anyway?” José gently pulled her hands from her face and pushed up the glasses that…