First and Last Lines

Chapter three of Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer is about beginnings and endings, with some illustrated pages sharing notable first and last lines. It made me think of the possibilities of using it as a text in a class and what exercises you could implement beyond those included in the book itself. What are the first and last lines of books and stories I love?

It’s almost like I have a teaching background

This will be a little incoherent because I just spent the last hour listening to ASMR while zonked the everloving fuck out, but in short: a friend introduced me to their friend, who wanted advice on web serialisation. They’d encountered The Audacity Gambit and were starting from a place of practically no background in web publishing and wanted advice. I was very flattered. The thing is, I really like explaining stuff. Here is a thing: I am stupid for process and love teaching people. If you ask me for written…