The Audacity Gambit – Serialised

Back in 2017* I wrote a book about chosen ones and trailer parks and loss. And people read it and liked it but I think its time to release it into the wild via serialising it. What’s funny is it was serialised originally. Right here! On this blog/site! That was a very early version of it. So we’ve come full circle, and that feels nice.

A gold-framed oval of a photograph of an arbour on fire, around the frame are painted flowers like marigolds and daisies, done in a folk-art style single-stroke painting. This is a crop of the cover for The Audacity Gambit.

You can sign up to read it here:

Here’s a blurb:

*It was in 2012, actually, but it took me a while to do all the bits to finish it.

Some story tags for you

Portal fantasy, hidden identities, fae and fairies, monsters.

Here are some content warnings

Genre-typical violence, smoking, death, abandonment, light horror elements.

The archive will auto-fill below, every Thursday, beginning on 06/20/2024, there will be 32 parts.