This is awesome

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Wyoming God-Light, originally uploaded by B_Zedan.

So, we spent our first full day (as opposed to an evening being staggeringly tired after being on the road 24 hours) in Buffalo yesterday and I got to experience what Chase refers to as “wind”, as apparently what we get in the Tri-Met area is a “breeze”. We wandered around and stopped at a couple of places Chase used to work, got to look at the water treatment plant his dad runs (rad!), and generally had an awesome day, overdosing on conversation with folks who I’ve never met and Chase hasn’t seen in ages.

It’s now been raining on and off for quite a while, so maybe we brought Oregon with us, or nature in general feels bad for me, as I am used to this, and am now surrounded by stuff like this*.

I have my digital point and shoot and will most probably be dumping pictures the whole time we’re travelling about. Right now, I’ve got shots from the drive in a set here.

*Though that is Montana, which is distinctly less rad than Wyoming, though the Crow Nation is freaking boss, but that isn’t Montana, anyhow.