This is so fun

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Stereography. Holy cow. I think because it is a simple pleasure that I am just fascinated by it right now. Chase just got a sweet camera that is made to shoot stereographs, but it is film and I want to play now, so digital to the rescue. The bummer about these and Flickr is that one has to view an image at “Original Size” to get the animated aspect.

The eyebrows!

And here is one of me.

2 Thoughts to “This is so fun”

  1. I like how it looks like he’s wiggling his eyebrows. <3.
    Chase is so cute.
    Your picture is awesome as well. I love your socks.

  2. Chase is sickeningly adorable.

    Those were the first socks I ever designed! They suck for all but average and less legs, though. Not a fan of the calf stretch on Sock it to Me socks.

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