This is very different from the webcomic I assumed I’d go back to

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If you’re unfamiliar with what Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is, Wikipedia does have a great rundown, but in short it’s positive tingly feelings in your scalp (mostly) brought on by aural and visual triggers. Triggers can range from tapping sounds panning ear to ear to slow hand movements. Not everyone has this response, it’s like cilantro. But even folks who don’t have an ASM response to common triggers can find the videos useful for relaxation and getting to sleep.

Common triggers like soft talking, personal attention, repetitive movements and sounds, binaural beats, or the soft splash of water can be just as beneficial for relaxation and mental balance as they can for the singular sensation that is ASMR. I think the number of guided meditation videos available from ASMR creators shows this pretty well.

It starts off sounding sad. Turning to a video of a stranger pretending to give you a scalp massage when you’re feeling down seems like a weird thing, I think, at first. But you have something to turn to, and that is great. And there are caring people out there putting that sort of thing into the world for exactly that purpose. That’s amazing.

I want to put more stuff like that in the world, so I’ve started making ASMR-oriented videos too. I’m sort of focusing on embroidery and handwork based stuff right now, because there isn’t a lot of that and I know that even if it doesn’t cause the “tinglies” it is still practically hypnotic, which is part of what I love about embroidery and handwork.

There’s a lot about sound and editing video that I’m learning, which is awesome. I am, obvs, taking my own advice in mind for publishing on the web and it actually feels awesome to think about doing regular uploading of work again.

So that’s the thing! It is a thing I am doing and I’m kind of stoked on it. Here’s all your links:

  • YouTube Channel – I plan on uploading at least once a week, probs Thursdays.
  • Tumblr – I’ve got this queued up with little gifs and sound generators that are, at the very least, relaxing.
  • Twitter – Because, of course.

I also have a G+, because that comes with the territory of having a GMail, but I do not plan to use it, unless necessary.