Week 1: Setup/Sketch

This week the contestants of Project Runway were given the solid starting theme of creating a piece that represented them as a designer.  They were limited to five fabrics.  Ha!  Super easy for me to emulate.

I figure “who I am as a designer” is someone with basic sewing skills, who likes cunning detail in simple pieces.  Read: can’t do anything too ambitious unless I want to over-extend myself, have to remember that “cunning” does not mean “excessive” and heaven knows I love couture, but I also like things to be normally wearable.

So, how to make myself not look like I’m barely above Simplicity Learn-To-Sew patterns without falling flat on my face?  According to my sketches—cranked out on this morning’s commute—by remembering that cunning detail.

And there they are.  I did my sketches in the forty minutes, but ten of that was making a little person outline that I could slip under the page to “drape” my sketch on and staring mindlessly out the window.

Sketching is the hard part for me, now for the fun bit—drafting!  I am most probs going with the first one.